RF Plasma Generator – 600W (27.12MHz)


Model TX06
Output Power 0 to 600W (50Ω load)
Output Frequency 27.12MHz
Output Modes Continuous Output
Output Impedance 50±2Ω
Output Settable Range 0 to 600W Continuously variable (in 1W steps) Rated Output Power 600W
Output Frequency Stability ±0.01% (10 to 40°C) Crystal Oscillator
Output Deviation Within ±1% or ±2W of displayed power, which is bigger
(Ambient temperature 25°C / 50Ω Load)
Output Stability Within ±1% of rated power
(Ambient temperature 25°C / 50Ω Load)
Ripple Content Less than –40dBc (At rated power / 50Ω Load)
Harmonics Each harmonic component within –45dBc of fundamental
(At rated power / 50Ω Load)
Cooling System Forced air (FAN airflow: Approx 2.5m3/min)
Control Method Feedback control by CPU
Output Connector N, female
Remote Terminal Analog control (57-type 24pin) female on generator
RS232C control (D-sub 9pin) female on generator
Power Source Single-phase rated voltage AC200 to 240V 50-60Hz
Leakage current <5mA/AC200V
External Dimensions (W)215mm x (L)498mm x (H)145mm Excluding projecting parts
Weight Approx 13.0kg
Warranty Period 2 years
Outward Form RF Plasma Generator – Outward Form